White Wall Paneling: Perfect for Interior

Not only can attractive designs or impressive engravings be embedded. But also simple profiles that frame portions of space, geometric patterns with which a complete environment can be highlight and create contrasts of color. The white wall paneling, in fact, rediscover a decorative technique perfect for the walls of any home, even the most modern.

We start from the classic profiles, for fans of the historical tradition of decorative white wall paneling. In this case, small decorative strips appear in relief with respect to the background. Then, creating real frames for walls and walls, in medium or large proportions. For those who love vintage and want to incorporate this type of atmosphere in their home. Here is an example of a decorative wall panel, in calm tones. And reinterpreting a contemporary style, perfect for retro style environments.

Another way to apply the decorative panels to the wall of the house is to enrich in a fascinating way any environment creating a contrast: the lacquer painted in white breathes gently next to the underlying masonry painted with decorative resin. Even a simple white wall can find a touch of color thanks to a colored white wall paneling like the one proposed in this example, with a fairly intense and strong color.