Baseball Curtain Rod Ends

Curtain rod ends – with the idea of ​using real baseball as a curtain for curtains in our child’s bedroom. We have worked to update the walls and blankets which means the curtains need to be replaced as well. His is the curtain rod and curtain of his old. See how there is a blue ball finial at the end of the stick? Somehow, by accident, one of the blue balls broke from the trunk.

The blue balls are about the size of a baseball. Because Noah was a baseball player at home, plus his new bed with the MLB theme, I asked Mr. Magic to find a way to use a curtain rod ends. And I like what he does.

The room was well together. And this weekend is dedicated to painting baseball on this bedroom wall. I pinkie swear it will happen. Stay here. If you like DIY baseball projects, I have many other ideas for you! See Royal front porch decorations, which you can customize for MLB or your own local team. I also made Baseball Wreath and Baseball Home Plate for my front door. Besides, I have made this beautiful baseball cuff – because the baler player’s mom needs a little baseball. And if you are looking for more easy curtain rod ends and home improvement suggestions, watch free videos containing 10 tips for updating your home.