Arrange a Loft Bed with Storage

Loft Bed With Storage – Loft bed with storage When many people think of crafting a storage bed themselves that they shy away from the project due to complex plans that involve tenon joints, chain saws, miter and so on. Simplify project by turning loft bed with storage cubbies to an attractive, modern appearance storage bed. If you cannot find long storage cubbies, use modular storage cubes for the base instead.

Instructions for loft bed with storage are; Painting cubbies and a sheet of 3/4-inch plywood or MDF size 40-by-80 inches, if desired. Place the two cubbies back to back on the ground, so that the storage cubbies running either side. The ends should be flush. Place the plate in MDF or plywood on top cubbies so that the edges of the plywood or MDF sheets off around the edges of the cubby units. Drill recessed guide hole size slightly smaller than 1 5/8 inch wood screw around the circumference of MDF or plywood sheets, and a double line around 1 inch from each side of the middle of plywood or MDF sheets. Run a 5/8 inch screws through the pilot holes to attach the plate downward. There should be a screw about every 5 to 6 inches. Place the double bed in the storage space in the bedroom and place a twin mattress on top.