Make an Old Bistro Patio Set New Look

Bistro patio set – If your bistro patio set has seen better days, you might have an alternative for replacing it. By giving your patio furniture a little TLC, you can still make a few years, save yourself some money. The type of furniture that fills your patio, as well as the material that the furniture is made, will play a major role in determining how to get over this bistro patio set face lift.

Make an old bistro patio set new look, Repaint make your patio as the metal. Cover the ground under your furniture with a cloth and remove all pillows. Go over the pieces with fine sandpaper to remove rust and loose paint. Spray the set with an anti corrosion paint for metal surfaces patio. In so doing, the paint well back of the set and moving in smooth, steady movements, avoiding spraying too much at a given time, because this may lead to stripes.

Make an old bistro patio set new look; Refinish your set as the timber. Cover the ground under the furniture with a cloth and remove any pillows. Go over the set lightly with fine sandpaper to even the grain and remove the finish. Brush on a new stain in a shade of your choice.  Buy a new umbrella. Placing a new umbrella over your set you a fresh new look. Seek an umbrella canvas and has a sturdy frame to ensure that it stands up to the outside challenges. Create new pillows. Separating from your old pillows, and use the pieces of fabric as a pattern.